2009 Ruled

I think that 2009 has been the best year for Swansea in terms of DIY Punk rock. Loads of awesome bands have come to play for us, and likewise with Swansea Collective. People have even said that Swansea has been the centre of the UK punk scene in 2009, which seems a little bit far fetched, but is nice none the less.
I think we're going to be taking a small break until early 2010 gig-wise, but Swansea Collective are putting on some amazing shows in next few months that you should look out for. Though never say never, we're considering doing a small show. Maybe.
In case we don't do another show in 2009, I'd like to thank everyone and all the bands that have come to the show's we've put on. It's been a blast!

If anyone has any photos from the Pre-fest show, feel free to email them to me: gavinpryce87@hotmail.com, the only ones I've managed to find are ones of me topless crowd surfing, which arent flattering in the slightest!

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