PRE-FEST SHOW with Bangers, Above Them, Brothers, Calvinball, and The Kid is Fireworks @ Bar Sigma, Swansea - 24th October

So this is going to be the last El UFO show for a month or two, maybe even the last El UFO show of 2009, so it would be super awesome to see some people out for it. It's going down the last Saturday before Fest, so I guess for a lot of people this'll be the last time to get boozey before they shoot off to Florida to get even boozier and wrestle gators and stuff, right?

So here's the deal, 4 UK bands who're playing fest, and one local that isn't. Good deal right? Playing will be Bangers, Above Them, Brothers, Calvinball, and The Kid Is Fireworks.

Bangers are no strangers to Swansea, they seem to play here every other month, but I guess nobody can get enough of them, and who can judge? Bangers are, in a word, Fantastic. They play gruffy pop punk, which reminds me a little bit of Banner Pilot, but at the same time they manage to retain their own diversity. They come from Falmouth, and used to play in their speedo's in a band called Hit The Beach, who were also very rad. They have a Split 10" with their (and our) friends Break The Habit from Brighton, a split CD-R with Ssssnakes (which is long out of print), and are soon to release a 7" as part of the Art of The Underground Series, aswell as being featured on the forthcoming "Brits Abroad" 7" (which should hopefully be available at this show). They're rad.

Above Them hail from Yorkshire, and are also no strangers to Swansea. They play really nice Post Hardcore ala biffy clyro, apparently. I don't really like Biffy Clyro (bite me), but I love Above Them. Above Them have something that anyone can love, and they're possibly the tightest band in the UK right now. Fact. Plus I think they might be the only band who can get away with putting pictures of Trev literally all over the insert to their record.

Brothers come from Exeter and play Gritty and hard hitting punk rock. They kind of sound like a cross between None More Black and Discount. They are rad, and are one of the many reasons that I sometimes want to move to Exeter.

Calvinball come from Sheffield (Mayte), and play drunken singalong pop punk. Not too distant from the sounds Latterman, The Lawrence Arms, Get Bent and the like, only drunker. Really really great band.

The Kid Is Fireworks are from Swansea, as you probably well know, and play Post Hardcore which people have said to sound like Glassjaw, so I guess I'll go with that. They aren't playing fest, but they do feature Luc Frost and Corbin of Bar Sigma Fame.

This show is going down on the 24th October at 8pm sharp, £4 Entry, £3 before 8:30pm. There'll hopefully be some drink deals for peeps to indulge in, aswell as sweet punk tunes played by me and Scott if Rhys let's us (if you read this Rhys, please let us?). It should be a proper boozey night, so don't miss out. If you're planning on travelling to this and need a place to stay, let us know and we'll find you a place to crash!

Anyways, that is all. Hopefully we'll see you at the show, here's the poster designed by Joe from Calvinball:

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