Holy Shit...

So it's been a while since I've updated this thing. I don't know why i've been so slack as late, but meh. In about two weeks, on the 29th of this month we're putting on our halloween show. We totally missed halloween last year, so it's been 2 years since our last one... I seriously have no ide where the time has gone. But anyways, the bands playing are

Melodic Hardcore for fans of Latterman and Bouncing Souls. Hailing all the way from up North, releasing their Debut Album on Fond of Life records (Failsafe, astpai) on the 20th, so they SHOULD have copies with them...

Garage Punk with a hint of Ska...

Punk with a Saxaphone. Good bro's of mine!

We drink a lot and then attempt to play Melodic Punk

Bar Co, Swansea
29th October, 8pm kick off
£2 in

After the gig we're all going to head over to Sigma and get stupidly reckless and sing very loud to Latterman, Hot Water Music, and whatever else we can force the DJ to play... fun times.

A month or so later, on the 26th November, Smoke or Fire are playing Sin City with Fake Problems, This Hidden Switch and one more band to be confirmed. We'll keep you updated on that. But for serious, Smoke Or Fire are in my top 5 bands, and you'd be a prick to miss them! More details and a poster to come.

A day after that, GIT SOME are playing in Coyote Bar, courtesy of Swansea Collective. Git some are not only a great band, but also feature members of the now split PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS. Add that, and the fact the gig is going down in Coyote Bar and you have a pretty much unmissable gig! Support comes from No Choice, and more to be announced. For more info on this show check out swanseacollective.blogsplot.com, sweet times!

A couple of days later, on the 1st of December, we're putting on an Acoustic Show. It'll be the first ever acoustic show we've put on, so be sure to come down and check it out. If it's a good turnout we will for certain be doing more. Here's the poster...

For the record
  • Adam Peachfuzz plays in Peachfuzz
  • The Doublecross is Jon, who played in the Slowdance and continues to play in This Hidden Switch
  • The Fox Hunt is Cal, who sings in A New Day
  • The Exploding Boy is our Morg, we also shouts out his lungs in the Symptoms

So, with that in mind it should be a killer show. I'll post weblinks and shit closer to the date, it's fucking ages away like.

Then, after the acoustic show our next show is on the 17th december, which will act as our x-mas party/my 21st birthday bash (even though my birthdays 10 days later). We'll have more details on that when I know it.

I guess that's it for now. Be sure to go to the last Arteries record release for "beers" the Sunday after next, killer times will be had!


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