News on El UFO 6 + 7

So yeah, first of all. Thanks to all who came out last wednesday, it was a blast! The bands were awesome, and we had a lot of fun. So yeah, thanks. We'll have photo's from the said show soon, taken by the ever awesome Dan Button. Sweet times.

Anyways, EL UFO 6 is going to be going down on the 24th September, which isn't that far away now, which is crazy. Playing are...

Awesome indie rock from Cardiff, Just released an AWESOME record on Boss Tunage which is well worth checking out. Amazing Band

Amazing Blues/Hardcore from Exeter. They'll make your ears bleed, in an awesome way!

Swansea's ancient skate punk (and) rockers. Your parents probably know them!

Al Jenks new band. Featuring members of Pete's Sake. Awesome Stuff.

£2 Entry, 8pm Start. It'll be at Bar Co, as always.

Our good friend Zach Williams is in the middle of doing a design for us, it's going to be awesome!

Kat will also be making some Vegan cakes for the gig on the 24th to raise money for the charity "Sea Shepherd." Sea shepherd are the vigilante patrollers of the otherwise unpatrolled and exploited seas, and are basically awesome.They save sharks and Whales and shit! So yeah, bring down some money and eat some awesome stuff, and save some badass sea creatures! You can find out more details about the charity here: - but no doubt if you ask Kat about it at the show she'll be more than happy to give you more info.

As for EL UFO 7, it's going down on the 29th October. It's VERY close to Halloween, so obviously we're having it Halloween themed. Basically, you can get in for £1 if you come dressed up as something scary, £2 if not. So yeah, anyways. This gig is all about our friends. We thought it would be cool to put on some of our closest friends, on for one gig. Playing will be...

Our good good friends from up Lincoln. Recently just signed to Fond Of Life UK, and we couldn't be happier for them. They play melodic hardcore compared to Hot Water Music and Bouncing Souls, and we love them.

Gruff Punk with a hint of Ska here and there, they're from Penarth, and we go waay back!

Our bro's from the mean streets of sketty. Playing their last show before Webborn and Frayne head off to start up new in Newquay. They're going to be sadly missed!

We play drunk.

£2 entry, £1 with fancy dress, 8pm Start, 29th October. As always, this show will be going down in bar co.

In other news, myself and Tris (who recently joined the EL UFO "family") are starting up a distro. Hopefully we'll be selling some awesome awesome records, so yeah. If you're a label or band and want us to ditro your stuff chuck us an email,, safe! Also, we're going to give this "Free Demo Box" idea a try at the September 24th Show. Basically, if you're in a band and want us to give out from free demo's at our shows, chuck us a few and we'll chuck them in the box for everyone to have a gander through. Chuck us an email if you want us to do this, or just come down to the show and chuck some in the box. Mixtapes are cool too...

I think that's about it, I've probably missed loads out, so keep coming back for updates. Oh, and also give swansea collective a look. They're rad dudes, who put on fucking amazing shows:

See you soon!

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