Young Livers, Bridge and Tunnel, Bangers, Ssssnakes at Sigma. 21st April, 2010.

So yeah, yet another rad punk show show happening in Sunny Swansea...

Rad punk rock from Gainesville, Florida on No Idea Records. Ex-Glass and Ashes.

Mathy influenced melodic punk rock from NYC, also on No Idea Records. Ex and current members of bands like Latterman, Each others Mothers, Thousandaires...

Awesome Poppy Punk Rock (The good kind!) from Falmouth, England. They kind of remind me of Banner Pilot.

"Super fun and silly pop-punk in a Dead Milkmen/Descendents/Ergs way" says Streetlight Steve. They're from Swansea, you should probably know who they are already.

Swansea's latest punk offering playing a super quick set

The Show will be followed by Shinfo club night, Let's get boozey!

Doors Open at 8pm, The first band will be on at about 8:05 without fail, so get down early.

£4 Entry.

It's going down at the NEW Sigma, 1 Northampton Lane, SA1 4EH. That's opposite Oceana on that road in between the carpark and the Nationwide. Hopefully see you there!

Poster by Carly Davies

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