So I haven't posted here for a while. We've had a good few shows too since the last post, I'm so fucking slack. Since the last post loads of cool bands have come and played, like Bridge and Tunnel, OK Pilot, This Hidden Switch, Solutions, Question The Mark, The Living Daylights, High Five Drive, A New Day, Spraynard, Break The Habit, Pigs, and Some Sort of threat. Thanks so much if you came to the shows!
Coming up next we have Landmines from Richmond, VA in the USA. Landmines play Fast, Aggressive melodic hardcore and sound not too distant to Strike Anywhere and Smoke Or Fire. In a word, they're rad. They're record is out now on Paper and Plastic, it's rad. Check it out. Also playing are Harbour, Peachfuzz, and Big City Plan. It should on all accounts be a rad fucking night. It's going down at Sigma on Wednesday 30th October, 8pm, £4 in, £3 with flyer. Apparently it's on Freshers week too, cool. It'll be followed by Kill The Music Club night.

Oh, and be sure to come to our Prefest show on the 24th October. Bangers, Brothers and Calvinball are playing so far. It should be rad. I'll post more info as soon as I know it. Dope. Keep Safe x

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