So what happened between you and this renwick customer?

So as I mentioned in the last Blog, Sigma have been super nice enough to let us put on shows at their club. Awesome right? Sigma's cool, I mean they serve cocktails in sandcastle buckets for fucks sake, Imagine that! I'm not a fan of cocktails, and even if I was they'd probably kill me (fuck you diabete's!) but man, that concept rules. Besides the awesome cocktails, Sigma's also an awesome place to hang out. Suffice to say, we're pretty excited to be putting on shows there. Anyways, here's the beef with our first show there...

Yeah, so that's the poster right there. Incase you can't read the poster for some insane reason, playing are:

Punk Rock n' Roll from Exeter. Mini album out on Fierce Panda. Sweet!

Awesome Power Pop from Bridgend. For fans of the replacements and such.

Swansea's finest rock 3 piece. As seen with Smoke Or Fire back in November

Acoustic awesomeness from Jon of the slowdance and this hidden switch fame

It'll be £2 to get in, and will kick off at 8pm on the 12th Febuary, at Sigma, obvs.

On top of the rad line up, we'll also be playing some rad punk "anthems" (lol?) in between bands, and after untill sigma decides the close up for the night. Cool.

5 days after our show at sigma, we're doing a house gig at our good friend Kats house. It's going to be pretty fun, if you wanna come, email for the address or directions. As I said, it'll be pretty fun, but remember, it's a house, so treat it like it were your own, yeah? Here's the poster...

The Living Daylights
Melodic Punk from up North, Lincoln to be precise. For fans of Bouncing Souls and Latterman. Seriously nice guys, Seriously great band.

Hardcore Punk from Paris. said that they sound like "A Wilhelm Scream and the Bronx", so I'll go with that for now.

Melodic Pop Punk from Cardiff

£DONATION (Purely to pay for the bands petrol!)
17th Febuary

So yeah, that's all I have to say at the moment. See you on Feb 12th? :)


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