Happy New Year!!!

So yeah, first of all, cheers to everyone who came out to the X-mas show. It was super fun, despite some of the nightmare scenario's that unfolded. I had a proper good night, especially at the "after party" over in sigma, which my liver still isn't letting me forget. Anyway, things are going to be pretty quiet EL UFO wise for the next month. But we'll have some exciting news soon (which most people probably already know about), so keep tuned. Our good friends at Swansea Collective are putting on The Steal this Friday. The Steal are fucking fantastic, and for serious are one of the best UK bands at the moment. Needless to say, it'll be a fun show, which you'd be an idiot to miss out on. It's going down at Swansea's coolest club, Sigma, and is a super cheap £3 to get in! Sweet!

So yeah, that's all for now. As I said, keep tuned. Exciting news soon!

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