Panda's Rule!

So yeah, I guess I should really post more details about the 1st december show, as I guess it's not too far away now. 3 weeks from now this gig'll be done and dusted, and I'll probably be drunkenly passed out in my Ford KA, with a drunken Josh BT snoring like a Rhino in the passenger seat. Sweet times will be had.

Anyway, for the billionth time, here's the poster...

Incase you didnt know, the 1st of decemebr will play host to our first ever acoustic show. Acoustic Rules, almost as much as panda's. I can't wait, we've got some real good friends coming down to play some tunes. Playing for us are...

Adam Peachfuzz aka Frozen Lakes
Adam is normally seen rocking out in Bridgends finest Peachfuzz. But for one night only, untill he decides to do it again, he'll be grabbing a hollow axe and singing softly with good friend Iolo. "Sweet times"

The Doublecross
Jon from The Slowdance and This Hidden Switch. He'll probably break a string and have to borrow someone else's guitar. Gruff Vocals, and heart felt lyrics about not drinking. Seriously not to be missed.

The Exploding Boy
Basically Morg (The Symptoms/The City That Day) playing an acoustic and screaming out of his lungs, or singing. Whatever he prefers on the night.

The Fox Hunt
Callum Fox of A New Day fame, opening his heart to Josh BT...

Leigh McAndrew
Kid Dynamite on acoustic.

Bar Co, Wind St
Monday 1st December, 2008
8pm start
£2 in

Leighs not on the poster because he got added to the bill after I'd finished making it....

But yeah, fun times will be had at this show. Adam Peachfuzz promises to show his cock ring to anyone who needs see, too. Sweet times, indeed.

I'll post info about the El UFO X-mas show in a few days, another show which will for certain be a blast. But in the mean time, remember that Smoke or Fire and Git Some are playing this month, Fuck Yeah! We'll have tickets for Smoke Or Fire soon, but if you're that desperate, go to

Let's get pissed, Laters

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