Welcome to the EL UFO website/blog. El UFO put on DIY show's in Swansea. In the past we have put on gigs at Monkey Bar, Sin City, and we're even hit an all time low and put one on at Sketty Park Sports and Social Club... but recently Bar Co kindly offered us their venue once a month, we took up the offer, and now we put on gigs the last wednesday of every month.

This blog/website is basically an alternative way, other than myspace, to keep up to date on what we're getting up to, and who we're putting on and such. I also kinda hope to set up some sort of zine in the near future... but anyways. Be sure to come to one of our shows. I like to think our shows are friendly and welcoming. We only put on good bands too.

We aren't the only gigs collective in Swansea. Jamie, Pugs and sometimes Trev also put on killer shows in Coyote Bar, just down the lane along the side of bar co. You should get involved on those for sure.


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